Our Story

Making dinner social again. 

The small-plate tradition has a rich cultural heritage. Consider China’s dim sum, Spain’s tapas or the Greek meze, all of which feature small portions consumed socially. A number of small plates, each featuring its own flavor profile and shared among friends, is altogether more fun than the one-plate experience. 


A healthier way to eat. 

Then there’s science, which tells us that eating smaller, more frequent meals regulates the body’s glucose and insulin levels. By putting an end to the sugar cravings that follow huge meals, this style of eating can actually reduce overall caloric intake.




At last – a restaurant where it’s okay to order one of everything.


For too long diners have been forced to choose between steak or stir fry, soup or salad. No longer! Corks and Taps applauds the adventurous and gives foodies-in-training a push with small servings that invite experimentation.


Whether you go with the Shiracha bbq Chicken Wings or the Beef Carpaccio or the mussels C&T , spinach dip or mac and cheese , you simply can’t lose. If you don’t like one dish, you’re sure to love the next. It’s a completely risk-free way to dine!